Facilities provided in the college :

Uma charan bania memorial library and Educational center :

The College library has adequate number of text books and reference materials which can be borrowed by students on production of identity card. A student can borrow two books at a time for 15 days. Books may be re-issued for another 15 days. An over due charge of Rs. 2.00 shall be imposed per day for 15 days and thereafter Rs. 5.00 per day till the date of return. The library remains open from 9.30 am. to 4 pm. on all working days. The college library has the internet facilities for students for research purpose.

Awards :

(1) Dandeswar Gogoi Memorial Scholarship of Rs. 1,000/- along with a certificate is awarded to the student securing highest marks in the 6th Semester Final Examination from the College.

(2) Uma Charan Bania Memorial Award of Rs. 10,000/-(Ten Thousand) will be given to the student who scores highest mark in 4th Semester Examination by Late Uma Charan Bania's family members.

(3) Harmohan Borkakoti Memorial Award of Rs. 5,000/- (Five Thousand) only and a medal will be given to student who secures highest marks in Major subject in B.A. 6th Semester Examination.

Students' Aid Fund :

The meritorious poor students will be provided with financial assistance from this fund. There will be students aid fund committee under the presidentship of the Principal to decide grants to deserving students. such assistance is given to deprived students subject to the availability of fund.

students' feed-back :

Students' feed-back on teaching and learning, the conduct of courses and other related affairs are discussed for improvement of academic environment of the college.

Woman Study Centre:

Today's era is women's era.It is an era proclaming equal right and human dignity to the woman around the world. If woman get united and empowered, they will be able to fight of all the appressive forces, and move ahead with there heads held high. The present day women must march forward lifting the society to a new height of development. They should be made aware of their self dignity, and esteemed position and petentiality in society. With this aimin sight women study centre has been opened in the college.

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