College Rules and Regulations :

(1) The college lays great emphasis on discipline and character building of the students. A Student if found guilty of disobeying college rules, strict disciplinary action which includes expelling from the college/rusticated for a period/ debarred from appearing in any examination for one or more years etc. will be taken against him/her which will be decided by the disciplinary committee headed by the principal and her decision shall be final in all such matters.

(2) All forms of ragging on the college campus are strictly prohibited. Any one found indulging in ragging will be firmly dealt with disciplinary action.

(3) Any-violation of rules, unsatisfactory progress, irregular attendance, non-clearance of college dues, discourtesy to faculty members in any form, adoption of unfair means during examination will be dealt strictly.

(4) Any notice desired to be put up or circulated to students in the college campus will require the prior approval of the college authority.

(5) Mobile phone in the Class Room is strictly prohibited.

Examination Rules :

The college examination Branch conducts all the College examinations.

(1) All students must appear in all the examinations conducted by the college during one academic year and attend their classes regularly- the minimum attendance must be 75% of the classes held.

(2) The following examinations will be conducted by the college during an academic year.

Class Examination
(a) T.D.C. 1st and 2nd Sem One sessional exam per semester as per G.U. norms.
(b) T.D.C. 3rd & 4th Sem One sessional examination per semester as per G.U. norms
(c) T.D.C. 5th & 6th Sem One sessional examination per semester as per G.U. norms

Attendance :

75% attendance in classes is compulsory. A student who fails to attend 75% of the classes will be discollegiated.

Identity Cards :

A non-transferable ldentity Card will be issued to every student at the time of admission against payment of Rs. 50.00. The students are required to keep the identity cards with them during college hours and to be produced whenever demanded for. ldentity cards are issued only annually.

Guardian Participation :

All guardians should keep contact with the Principal from time to time to keep track of the academic progress of their wards. Constructive suggestions from the guardians are most welcome at any time.

Uniforms :

College uniform is compulsory for all students. Students are directed to maintain decency in their attire.

For Girls :

1. Pator Mekhela, White Yellow Border Chaddar, Lemon Yellow Blouse


2. Lemon Yellow Salwar/Churidar, Kameez & White Dupatta with Yellow piping in the Border.

For Boys :

1. White Shirt

2. Steel Grey Trousers

Cardigan / Sweater (Both Boys & Girls), Steel Gray Colour Full Sweater

Winter :

1. Black Cardigan / Sweater (Girls)

2. Black Colour Full Sweater (Boys)

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